YouTube goes Sharp

IMG_8068_smWhen Skins n Sharps had its first exhibition in 2006 it revived the Melbourne Sharpie Culture – it was forgotten for more than 30 Years.

There was very little content or reference on the 70s Sharpie to be found.

In 2008 Skins n Sharps launch a website dedicated to Sharpies.

It attracted the attention of those whom remembered or were part of the 70s Sharpie era, it also stirred up 60s Sharps era.

The Melbourne Sharpies found their place back in society and have since reunited.

There has been exhibitions, Facebook groups formed, books written, art and music about Sharpies.

YouTube has also become an important reference point with rare visual content capturing the unique life style of the 70s Melbourne Sharps.

Have a look at the Sharpie Youtube gallery for a collection of Sharpie videos.