Stef Egan’s scrapbook

Stef Egan’s infamous photo album was put together in the 1970s. This is a documented insight on Stef’s loutish Sharpie days.


Stef Egan scrapbook

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Stef’s information

After the Sharpie era had reached its peak around 1974-75, the suburban gangs had started to dwindle and by ’77, those that were left, were drawn into the city. We would meet up early on Friday nights at Flinders St Station. Usually being moved on by the cops once the numbers swelled, so would go to Mutual Bowls or onto the Eureka Stockade Pinball Parlour in Bourke St for everyone else to arrive, before heading off for the weekend.

Sharps were still around for another few years but by the end of the decade, were merging into the punk/new wave scene but until then, it was the “hard rock” bands on the pub rock circuit we would mainly see. The weekend would be worked out beforehand from “Juke” magazine’s gig guide. AC/DC had left for the UK by then as well as Lobby Lloyd but still plenty of great Aussie bands to see such as Rose Tattoo, Full Boar, Finch, Rabbit, Angels, Taste and Fat Daddy just to name a few. And entry was always in groups of twos or threes at a time so we wouldn’t get barred before the night had started.

Some of the venues of the time being the Tiger Rooms, London Tavern, Whitehorse Hotel, Be Bop Bar, Council Club, Station St Hotel, Bombay Rock, Sandown Park, The Middle, Bananas, Matthew Flinders, South Side Six and of course the high school and town hall dances. A weekend would not be complete until seeing a band on Sunday nights at the Iceland rink in Ringwood. Then it was the red rattler “skinhead express” back to the city to go home after a packed weekend. Funnily, we always seemed to have the carriage to ourselves.

Jacko, like most of us sharps at the time, was an apprentice. From Box Hill, his trade was bookbinding and one of his projects he had at trade school was to make the red bounded books with the gold lettering.

He made three of them and the one he gave to me: “Sharps Photo Album” – “Property of Steve Egan” which I put to good use straight away adding in photos of our time as a Sharp throughout 1977 and beyond.

Most of the colour photos in the album were taken by Jacko as he often carried his camera around. I spent the rest of ’77 getting copies from him as well as getting the passport photos with my mates at Flinders St Station. I also collected Tattooist business cards of the time to fill the book up too.

Jacko kept one book for himself, and the third, he gave my Sharpie mate “Little Dave” with their names imprinted also.

A few years later, most of the damage was done to the album when “Little Dave” borrowed it and left it overnight in the glovebox of his EH which had a leaking window. The next morning, after overnight rains, he found the album floating in a pool of water.

Over time it was left at the back of the cupboard and forgotten until Sam Biondo and Rohan Pugh’s Skins’n’Sharps exhibition at Dantes in Fitzroy back in August 2006. There I said I had a photo album from the era which was looking a little worse for wear and they came down to pick up just after and is shown on this website today.

Stef Egan