Sharpie reunion at Young and Jackson 2009

Thanks for a wonderful night it was most enjoyable watching old friends get together after so many years.

I always say ONCE A SHARP ALWAYS A SHARP and this night was a great example.

This gang of Sharps have lost contact with each other over the years but week by week, through Skins n Sharps, Facebook and other means, the old sharps gradually found each other with most not seeing each other for between 20 to 30 years.

It was great to listen to there stories and their backgrounds, a great gang of people (find them in there glory days in Stef Egan’s 1977 scrapbook)

One would have to say how many old Sharpies are out there wondering of their past glory days and mates.

Sam Biondo
Photo credits: Julie Mac, Stef, Sam Biondo